Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Million Dollar Baby

Cooper has put new meaning to the million dollar baby. We are STILL in the hospital but hoping to go home tomorrow. I guess Cooper wants to tally up a nice bill for the insurance company. :)
Last night he lost weight and the doctor doesn't want to send Cooper home until he is showing a weight gain. The nurses think there was a mistake with his weight two nights ago which threw off everything, so we have to wait one more night to make sure he is ok with his weight. He is one skinny long little guy. Cooper has moved from the A room (most intensive care) to the C room, the F room and now we are rooming in with him in a self care room. We have our own room and the nurse just comes in once in awhile and checks to make sure we are ok.
He has his heart rate monitor and respiratory rate monitor but that's it. We can hold him as much as we want which has been nice since we missed about a week's worth of holding. :)
Yesterday he had to take a car seat test where he sits in his car seat with all of his leads on to see if his stats stay ok. He passed with flying colors. He also passed his hearing test and got a vaccine shot. He is just about ready to blow this joint. Hopefully tomorrow we are on our way home. Palmer misses up and wants to meet his new buddy.
Thank you again for all your comments, thoughts and prayers. We will keep you posted.

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Sharon said...

Lindsay: he looks good in your arms... So happy he is going home.