Sunday, March 30, 2008

Round 2: More House Updates... Living Room

Ok I don't get it... I can see the pictures but some of you can't. I reloaded them - so try again! :)

So we've got some more house updates from this weekend. With the help of Lindsay's cousin Randy again, we were able to put up a ceiling fan in the living room. This view is looking out toward the back of the property...
Here is another view... we've also got a new coffee table and end table... along with curtains, etc

This house is unique as it's got little nooks and crannies every where to put things. Here is a view looking back toward the front door... We've bought some decorative pieces for up above.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

House Updates

So we've been working on the house every weekend and here are some of our latest additions... With the help of Lindsay's cousin Randy we were able to put in a ceiling fan in our bedroom. It gives us more light and in the hot summer months will help keep us cool .
We've pretty much finished up our breakfast nook in our kitchen. We painted it a coffee with cream color, put up some valances, got new wood blinds and a new light fixture.
We've added a navy blue glider to the baby's room...
And with the help of our friend Leslie, she made up a skirt to go over our changing table that matches our curtains!
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Aloha From Hawaii!

So we took one last vacation before the little guy comes in June to the island of Maui in Hawaii. We had a great relaxing time.
Every morning we walked by the beach path next to the ocean. One morning we spotted this GIANT SNAIL.

This is the view from the pool deck of our hotel in Kaanapaali.
Chris getting the rust out of his swing. He hasn't been out since he played Pebble in October. We went to the driving range one day at Plantation to get a few balls hit.
View on our way to Pa'ia. You can see some surfers out there if you look real close.
One of the days Chris golfed at the Plantation Golf course, the same course where the Mercedes PGA event is played in January. Lindsay was the cart driver, score keeper, and the photographer. Here's a picture of a cute bird we saw.
Like I said... I was the cart driver. I wore Chris' massive golf hat to make sure I didn't get too much sun.
View from one of the holes.
Gorgeous views of Molokai in the background.
The Plantation Club house.
Scoreboard where the future little Barr will be posted on some day... :)
Our future second home.... :)
More views....
Lizard at our poolside...
Pool deck views...

Ocean views on our drive to Haile maile General Store.
If you look closely this house is lined with a surf board fence!
Dinner at Hailemaile General store with our neighbors Mary Lou and Bill.
Our last night in Maui at the Ritz.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aloha Baby Belly

So we are having trouble posting on the blog but since there seems to be a demand for a belly shot - we put at least this picture up from our trip to Hawaii. This was our last morning in Hawaii. We were ready for another week on Maui - I guess we'll have to go again next year! :)

Where are you gonna sit?

So Palmer was at Grandpa Ron's the other day hanging out while Lindsay was away at Stanford and Chris was at a work function.
Grandpa Ron got up to go outside to put something on the grill and came back to find Palmer with a nice spot on the couch. I guess no one else had taken the spot so he figured it was his for grabbing.

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