Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Sorry we haven't been that great at posting lately. We have had computer trouble. We finally had some time to work on it this weekend. Make sure you go to the 3rd page to see all the new posts!

Playing at the Horton house

If they have a hose, he will find it. :)
Playing on the slide at the art walk.
Posing with the BIG pumpkin!

Cooper liked to give the pumpkin BIG hugs!
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Pumpkins and Art Walk

This weekend we went to ANOTHER pumpkin patch and an art walk. Cooper loved the pumpkins again.

Looking for another good one to bring home...
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This is the one!

After a few tries, he finally was able to pick it up.

Back to the hay ride!
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Picking out the pumpkins

Cooper picked out his own pumpkin
You can tell it was heavy for him. He is trying so hard to get it.

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After the train ride we checked out the tractors.
Still a little unsure about everything....
But really liking the toy tractors...
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Train ride

Cooper went to the pumpkin patch this week. One of the activities was the train ride.
He wasn't so sure about the whole thing.
You can tell by his serious face.
Our view of the big pumpkins on the train ride.
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Random shots of Cooper lately

Here I am first thing in the morning and I'm hungry. Popcorn looks good!
I need a haircut!
What happened to my pants?
Trying to get out of Daddy's arms... a common occurence.
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Tractor Time

Pop has a tractor at his house and Cooper LOVES it.
He knows how to use the wheel and pull all the levers.
Pure joy!
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Learning how to pick up the eggs.
Successfully got the eggs without breaking any!
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Lindsay's grandparents have chickens and Cooper loves to chase them around.
Pop and Cooper watching the chickens make a mess!

Can I feed them please?
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Brushing our teeth

Cooper is learning how to brush his teeth.
He is really good at trying to run around while doing it. :)
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