Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 5

Little CJ had a stabilizing day. We didn't see a dramatic improvement in his recovery, but we also didn't take any steps back. Coop's oxygen levels continue to gradually get better as we are seeing the range shrink from 21% to 28% and it appears that he is not having to labor as much to breathe.

Our goal for today is to have the UAC (IV through the bellybutton) removed so we can finally get Cooper out of his bed and hold him. Our Day 4 highlight was attempting to bottle feed him. Lindsay and I were reminded that we are newbies to parenting, because it took us 30 minutes to get Cooper to drink 1 milliliter of milk while the RN had him chugging 9 milliliters in 3 minutes. We were humbled to say the least.

Late last night the RN on duty informed us that the Dr. ordered a 5 milliliter increase his feedings, so we are up to 15 milliliters every 3 hours. Somehow, I think this just upsets Cooper as a baby his size should be eating 100 milliliters in one feeding. The Dr. is still continuing the TPN feeding bag, so we are waiting to have this scaled back and milk feedings increased.

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers. We are seeing tangible benefits of your efforts.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the update. Hope he can go home soon.

Kelsey said...

Thanks for the updates Chris, I'm thinking about you guys over here. Give Linds a hug for me.