Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trip to the Midwest

Cooper had a blast meeting all of his midwest family and friends a few weekends ago. Check out the pictures below for proof! We also celebrated Chris' 30th birthday with a pool party (his birthday isn't until July) and that was a lot of fun as you can see.

Cooper's buddy Jenna and her mom Kelly.
Chief and Little Chief
Rose and Coop
Cooper getting tackled by Avah and Jenna. He needs more of that! :)
Xavier in the kiddy pool --- sorry I don't know how to turn these around.
Tyler and Avery -- brothers!
Jenna smiling...
UJ and Coop
Cooper hanging with Jenna and Kelly
Avah -- the little fish.
Cooper loves the water...
Splish splash

Daddy blowing out ALL of his candles.
Cooper celebrating his birthday again - he loved all his new toys.
Playing with his golf clubs again.

Figuring out his lawn mower.
What a great trip! Thanks all of our friends and family back east. It was great seeing everyone.

Happy Birthday Cooper

Well we are a little late on this post I know but better late than never right?
About a year ago our little Cooper was born. It's hard to believe that it was only a year ago we were in the hospital waiting to hold Cooper for the first time. He has come out strong as an ox -- you'd never know he was sick! We have loved every minute of having Cooper in our lives. Happy Birthday little man!
Talking to the birdies outside -- one of his favorite spots in the house.
Learning to walk -- he is getting pretty good now after watching Emma and Sophie cruise around their house.
Brushing his teeth-- it's amazing what he can imitate.
Wearing his birthday duds...
Checking out his birthday tractor...

Loving all his new toys!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Never stops moving...

Outside Photo Shoot

Tried to get Cooper to do an outside photo shoot the other day...
He did pretty well for a about a minute...
And then he was off!
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Cooper loves to golf

Cooper has found his love for golf at a young age and his dad loves it.
Cooper playing with his first set of clubs.
Trying to get Palmer to play -- he is not amused. :)
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Monday, June 8, 2009

A minute in the life of Cooper...

A little dance, lots of banging and a few throws. That about sums it up!