Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pop's House

Checking out the tractor at Pop's house. There is never a shortage of things to do over there.
Cooper size tractor. When he is older he can ride it for real.
Pop has a blower just for Cooper because he loves it so much.
Pop taught Cooper how to play the harmonica!
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Someone is always not looking. This is the best we could do!
Nana with Palmer and Cooper in the back seat.
Cooper at Pop's house. He LOVES vaccums.
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Trip to the Zoo

Getting kisses from Nana Kathy.
Trying to find those big bears!
Being a little cub.
Always trying to get out of our arms! Our little worm. :)
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Nana's Visit in November

Nana Kathy came to visit us in early November. Cooper had such a great time visiting with her. Papa and Uncle Mikey will have to come next time!
Cooper took a trip to the Zoo. Before we even made it in the Zoo Cooper found chickens to chase. He loves to chase chickens!
Checking out the sites at the zoo.
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