Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby's Room

So here are a few promised pictures of the baby's room and what we have done thus far. We decided on a boat theme so you will notice the decor scattered around.
The room is bright and cheerful with lots of blue, green, yellow and red. We even found some blue oars, a sailboat and a red child's chair at the antique shop.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Palmer in the snow...

So as promised here are some videos of Palmer playing in the snow this weekend. He absolutely LOVES it.
After this one, I heard the workers across the street say, "Whoa dude, did you see that dog? He just totally skated across the snow. It was cool man."
Palmer worked on this one for awhile... here he is finally making it to the TOP.
The aftermath is a sleepy sleepy Palmer dog....
Palmer getting a rub down from Chris.... He was pretty sore from all his playing
So some of you probably think we don't know what snow is in California. Well here is evidence we do... we know about LOTS of snow!!! Here's a picture from our drive home today from the Sierra Mountains. This snow will be here and won't melt until July. The good thing about the snow here is we drive 45 minutes from our home and we can be in winter wonderland. 45 minutes back home and it's dry and clear.
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Snow In Auburn? Yes, it is...

So it doesn't snow in Auburn very often but we have been getting some cold weather this winter. Luckily our heater works really well! :) Here are a few picks of the back yard from Lindsay's office.
We ended up getting about an 1 1/2 inches before it started raining... It sure was pretty though!
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