Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

We celebrated Easter with Brunch at Nana's house. Cooper missed the first part of the party because he was napping so that's why he has that "I just woke up" look.

Checking himself out in the mirror.
Playing with the tennis ball -- one of his favorite toys. Palmer will love this guy when he gets bigger.
Posted by PicasaCooper had been practicing with Nana all week so he had it down! The only thing that threw him off was the grass. He had no idea what he was sitting in and he really didn't know what to think of it.

Man -- this grass stuff is weird!
Found one....
Yeah! Weeks of practice paid off. :)
Cooper made his way, with the help of his mama, all the way over to his Easter surprise.
Cooper got a new hat, some outside water/beach toys, and some Easter $. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! :) If you didn't see Cooper's bunny mask post from last week be sure and check a few posts down.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Palmer!

It's really hard for us to imagine that Palmer actually does rest here and there especially now that he is 5 years old. Someone once told us that labs calm down after their 2nd birthday. Here are a few pictures of the Birthday Dog over the past year and "no" he hasn't slowed down yet.
Who ME?
Playing in the snow at the cabin is hard work.
Really hard work.
Where are you going to sit? I'm not moving!
It's my toy and I'm not going to share.
This rocker is ok, but I don't think I can fit on it.
Ok kid, you have 5 more seconds of torturing me.
The Colts are on, so I don't think we'll be playing much ball today.
As long as he stays this size and doesn't get into my things, I think I can be friends with him.
Too much tennis ball playing. Where did all the flat land go?
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Busy little bee....

Cooper has been keeping us busy lately. Now that he can crawl and pull up on everything you can't take your eyes off of him for 2 seconds... he'll have something in his mouth or be getting in to something he shouldn't.
Align Center

He has been a little camera shy lately... blinking his eyes around the flash so there are a few funny pictures of half Cooper eyes.
He is still eating a lot. His favorite finger foods are sweet potatoes, kiwis, bananas, cheese, cheddar bunnies and puffins cereal.
The other day we were in Whole Foods and I wanted to get some good cheese. The purveyor helps us with some samples and Cooper opened his mouth wide to try. It was a really sharp cheese but he liked both kinds.

Mom -- the flash is blinding me!
He is still talking a little bit. He can say baba, dada and mama... and he loves to say mmmmm when he eats. It's pretty funny. We'll try to get that one on video for everyone to hear.

Happy Easter!

I know we are a little bit early but having a 10 month old -- you never know when you will have free time so here is our easter post! :)

Cooper is getting bigger and HEAVIER each day. He is crawling around like crazy now, pulling up on everything, and still getting teeth.
Yesterday we discovered 2 more teeth coming in for a total of 12. He has been a little bit grumpy lately and that is most likely why! Absolutely everything goes in to his mouth. Toys, blankets (he rips the blanket out of his mouth in hopes of getting some fuzz), crumbs.... anything he can get his hands on. You have to be quick or it's in the mouth. He was 10 months on April 1st. We can't believe how fast the time has gone. He is almost a year old.
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