Friday, March 6, 2009


Sorry we haven't blogged in awhile. We have been busy with work, friends, Cooper and Hawaii. Our friends Nick, Jessica and Annika came over for dinner a few weekends ago. Cooper and Annika had a good time playing before and after dinner.
Annika is 1 and Cooper is 9 months. We were trying so hard to get them to look at us and smile but no luck. Getting one to smile is hard enough!

At the end of the night Cooper and Annika put on their jammies. Jessica and Annika decided to give Cooper his bedtime bottle. We know he was loving all the girl attention.

Last weekend the adults headed to Hawaii for a little R and R. Here is the sunset view from dinner one night in Lahaina.
Dinner with our good friends and neighbors Bill and Mary Lou.
View from our villa.
Another beautiful Hawaiian sunset.
View from our cabana.

Relaxing in the cabanas. It was beautiful but a little chilly and very windy so there wasn't much swimming on this trip.
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We took a car ride one day to check out the lava. This was the last eruption on the island of Maui.

Our outrigger canoe guide told us it happened 200 years ago. You can see that the lava field is quite extensive and covers many miles. Ahh... Hawaii. We'll be back!

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~~Heidi~~ said...

he is getting so big!! have you guys been to kauai yet? you will have to come and visit next time to our island. We love mauai but kauai is awesome in its own little way! It has been super cold here, I have never wearn sweats here until this week! BURRR... glad you guys still made the best of it!