Friday, March 6, 2009

9 months old

Our little baby boy is now a big 9 month old. We went to the doctor this week for his check up and here are his latest stats:

21 3/4 lbs - 70th percentile
29 3/4 inches - 90th percentile

He is turning into a long skinny munchkin who likes to wiggle and worm around. He wasn't very good at sitting still for 30 minutes in the doctor's office! The doctor said we are going to have our hands full. We can only imagine what he will be like when he can walk/run around. Sharon - I know you can relate!


Brad, Lisa and family said...

So hard to believe it's been 9 months already....time sure flies bye! Gabi's taking steps now so she's very close to walking, it's such a fun stage!

Cammy Fuller said...

So-o-o-o BIG and SO cute!