Saturday, February 21, 2009

Growing Fast...

Cooper spent last weekend with his grandparents and they wore him out! Here he is passed out on the floor. He didn't even make it to the crib.
Sleeping in the living room...
Coop also popped another tooth -- that's 9! This one is in the lower back part of his mouth. I am sure more are coming because he is still chewing away.

He has been playing with Palmer more lately. Palmer has been tolerant.

He still loves his jungle gym toy. He rolls all over the house now. No crawling yet but he loves to roll.

Cooper has started to eat finger foods. His favorites: avocado, cheese, bagels, puffins, cheerios, and banana.

This weekend we are having some company over and going to lunch with a friend. Hopefully the rain holds off until tomorrow!
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Sharon said...

Wow...that is alot of teeth! Good thing you are getting it over he pretty good? I love the pic of him sleeping on the floor. Yes, you gotta love grandparents.

Kelsey said...

I can't believe he has 9 teeth, that is insane!