Thursday, October 2, 2008

4 months old!

4 months has really flown by hasn't it? We seem to think so. Cooper went to the Dr. yesterday and here are his stats. 16 lbs 14 ounces, 28 inches long. He is in or over the 90-95th percentile in both. What a big boy!
He is such a happy baby -except for yesterday when he got his shots.
He is getting really good at tummy time!
He roots for the Colts but they haven't been playing that well - thus the sad look on his face.
Still liking his big boy chair...

It was a little chilly in the house the other day (yes it does get cool in California once in awhile) so mama broke out the hat. He never gets to wear them so it was a good photo op.
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Sharon said...

What a big boy! He is so cute! I love him in his hat. It is also getting chilly here. Luke has to wear a coat now:) Love the new pics

Kelsey said...

WOAH, 4 months flew past! I love the big smiley pics, too cute! How are you Linds?

Maureen said...

I like the ones of him in his bumbo chair. He is going to be crawling before you know it!