Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trip to the Snow

So we aren't great bloggers yet. We forgot our camera this weekend on our trip up to the mountains. But - I found these pictures of our friends Melinda and Stephen from last year and thought they would at least tell somewhat of the story. We headed up to the Sierra's on Saturday afternoon. There was about 3 feet more snow on the deck since we had been there 2 weeks ago. It was Palmer's first trip up to the snow this year and needless to say he was a bit excited.
If you check out the snow bank to the right of Stephen, Palmer somehow manages to army crawl his way up to the top of the snow bank to retrieve his frisbee. It's a very funny thing to watch. The good thing is after Palmer plays in the snow for about 15 minutes he is wiped out for the day.
This is the result of just a short time in the snow. He got quite the workout I guess!
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GG said...

Aww Palmer is so cute! What a tired puppy :)

How's Prego life Linds?


GG said...

Hey Linds, I need a baby bump update...send me more pics of your big tummy!