Sunday, January 20, 2008

He has made FIRE

Chris for the second time in two days has made fire! He is starting to clear the brush, blackberry bushes, and scrub trees around our house.

He's also learned how to use a CHAINSAW!

Meanwhile, Lindsay unpacked the china and put it away in the china cabinet. Thanks everyone for the great wedding presents! We are ready to have you for a nice dinner party now. :)

This is our dining room - taken from the living room.

Here's Palmer being awoken from his nap. He gets lots of exercise up here in Auburn. There are hills here!


GG said...

I would NOT trust Ron to make a fire like that, Chris must really know what he's doing! The house looks great too :)


Lindsay said...

Well Mr. Hyatt knows what he is doing... Chris is learning how to live in the woods! :)