Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Palmer!

It's really hard for us to imagine that Palmer actually does rest here and there especially now that he is 5 years old. Someone once told us that labs calm down after their 2nd birthday. Here are a few pictures of the Birthday Dog over the past year and "no" he hasn't slowed down yet.
Who ME?
Playing in the snow at the cabin is hard work.
Really hard work.
Where are you going to sit? I'm not moving!
It's my toy and I'm not going to share.
This rocker is ok, but I don't think I can fit on it.
Ok kid, you have 5 more seconds of torturing me.
The Colts are on, so I don't think we'll be playing much ball today.
As long as he stays this size and doesn't get into my things, I think I can be friends with him.
Too much tennis ball playing. Where did all the flat land go?
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Kameisha said...

He seems like a sweet dog for Cooper! We are thinking of getting a Lab for Darius we shall see....

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Palmer! He looks like such a good boy. I think the whole slow down after they turn two is a myth. Our dogs are still crazy!

Kelsey said...


Lauren said...

awww... i love this!
i remember picking you out, p-dog! happy birthday, buddy! :o)