Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mountains again...

Last weekend we went to the mountains again to escape the heat. Here's Cooper sleeping on the rug again. He just loves how soft it is.

Getting some tummy time. Check out my wing span!
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I'm starting to stand all the time. I like it way better than being on my tummy.
Today I tried out my little chair. I really liked sitting up all by myself.I also got to ride in my big boy stroller. No more bassinet for me. :)


Sharon said...

Love the picture of him on the rug...I want a rug like that. So who does he look like? I see a little of both:)

Amy said...

Love the new pics! He is growing up so fast...I still need to meet the little guy! I see a lot of Chris in him :) What a cutie!

MadrinDesigns/Madrin Photography said...

Gosh, he looks so much like Chris! Luke and I think he's just gorgeous! We hope you're having fun with him!

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