Friday, August 8, 2008

Off the charts

So Cooper went to the Dr last Friday and he was 13lbs 8oz and 25 inches long. He grew 2 inches in a month. His 3-6 month clothes are starting to be a bit snug because of his length. 6 month clothes are coming soon.... :)
Cooper is also starting to talk to us. When he coos, we coo back, and he will often mimic our sounds. Pretty cool!
He also giggled the other day and it was hilarious. So far Chris is the only one who can get him to giggle. I guess his daddy looks funny. :)
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~~Heidi~~ said...

how fun, i love those times. I love the baby coos. And he is going to be a tall boy! Good job!!

Sharon said...

Wow...what a big boy. So who do you think he looks like? I know your having fun with him and I can tell you it gets better all the time... i love every stage. Have fun guys.

Kelsey said...

Awwww he talks to you :) How fun, enjoy him!!!