Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 4th and Happy Birthday Chris!

Bath time! Cooper loves his baths. He just lays there and enjoys the warm water.
Happy Birthday Dad! Cooper was a trooper at our birthday dinner out for Chris. He was a good boy the entire time. He wore his collared shirt for the special occasion.
Cooper's favorite activity so far is swinging. Plus is gives us a break. :)
Happy 4th of July! Cooper was in the spirit wearing his "I love the USA" outfit.
Check out this cool present we got. It's a diaper cake! Cute but functional. Thanks Jen!
Cooper likes riding in the Baby Bjorn. Check out his face. It's smashed into daddy's chest and he doesn't even care.
This is a typical Cooper move when he wakes up. STRETCH it out buddy! :)
Cooper was a Cubbie again today. He really likes his Chi-town gear.


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Looks like your a great Daddy. Cooper is very lucky!

Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Cooper looks so happy, love it!